Mercury test paper instructions

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1.  scope of application: this method is applicable to the on-site rapid detection of mercury ions in water, cosmetics and toxic residues, with a detection limit of 0.5ppm.

2.  Detection significance: all mercury compounds soluble in water are serious poisons. Drinking water pollution or food pollution can cause harm to human body. Because amalgam has the functions of reducing melanin, whitening skin and eliminating spots and pox in a short time, it is illegally added to cosmetics by some enterprises, and the amount is usually large.

3.  Equipment configuration: 20 pieces of test paper and 1 piece of control color card.

4.  sample processing: colorless or milky liquid can be directly detected. Colorless solid or colorless semi-solid samples are tested after dilution with distilled water or purified water.

5.  test steps: take a strip of test paper, insert it into about 1cm of the liquid, take it out after 3 seconds, place it for 3 minutes, compare it with the control color card, and find out the same or similar color scale. The value marked next to the color scale is the mercury content mg / L of the sample. If the sample is diluted, the value marked next to the color scale multiplied by the dilution multiple of the sample is the mercury content mg / kg of the sample.

6.  descriptionthis method is a rapid on-site detection method, and the accurate quantification shall be subject to the standard method.





1 适用范围:本方法适用于水、化妆品及中毒残留物中汞离子的现场快速检测,检出限0.5ppm

2 检测意义:凡可溶于水的汞化物皆系剧毒物。饮用水污染或食物污染、都可对人体造成危害。由于汞化物具有在短期内使黑色素减退、皮肤美白、斑痘消退等功能,因而被一些企业非法添加到化妆品中,而且加入的量通常都比较大。

3 器材配置:试纸20片,对照色卡1片。

4 样品处理:无色或乳白色液体可直接检测。无色固体或无色半固体样品用蒸馏水或纯净水稀释后检测。

5 检测步骤:1条试纸,插入到液体约1cm左右处,3秒钟后取出,放置3分钟后,与对照色卡比对,找出相同或相近的色阶,色阶旁边标注的数值即为样品含汞量mg/L,如果样品进行了稀释,色阶旁边标注的数值乘以样品稀释倍数即为样品中的含汞量mg/kg


6.1 本方法是现场快速检测方法,精确定量应以国标法为准。

6.2 饮用水中汞的限量标准为≤0.001mg/L


6.4 食品中汞的限量指标Hg计,通常都在0.3mg/Kg以下。以汞引起的急性食物中毒,如氯化汞口服中毒量为500mg

6.5 试纸保质期2年,生产日期见包装处。






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